First interview in Evadne Macedo’s 2010-2011 author interview series: Karen Connelly on July 10, 2010

Please check back on July 10, 2010 when I will kick off the 2010-2011 author interview series with Karen Connelly’s interview. Karen Connelly is a teacher at the Humber School for Writers and author of nine books of poetry, non-fiction and fiction including Burmese Lessons, The Lizard Cage, Grace & Poison, The Border Surrounds Us. She has received numerous grants and awards for her writing including Britain’s Orange Broadband Prize for New Writers (2007) for her first novel, The Lizard Cage and The Governor General’s Award for Touch the Dragon: A Thai Journal (at age 24).

As I look forward to a new series of interviews, I remain grateful for the kind support of all the authors I interviewed in 2009-2010. Look how many there were:

  • Emily Schultz: Heaven is Small, Joyland, Songs for the Dancing Chicken (May 5, 2010)
  • Sarah Sheard: Almost Japanese, The Swing Era: a Novel, The Hypnotist: a Novel (April 14, 2010)
  • Kristen den Hartog: (Water Wings, The Perpetual Ending, Origin of Haloes and The Occupied Garden with Tracy Kasaboski (March 31, 2010)
  • Priscila Uppal: To Whom it May Concern, The Divine Economy of Salvation, Traumatology, Successful Tragedies and many, many other published works (March 17, 2010).
  • John BemroseThe Last Woman, Island Walkers, Imaginary HorsesGoing Under (March 3, 2010)
  • Pasha Malla: The Withdrawal Method (The 2009 Trillium Award; The Danuta Gleed Literary Award) (February 17, 2010)
  • Kim Moritsugu: The Restoration of Emily; The Glenwood Treasure; Old Flames and Looks Perfect (February 3, 2010)
  • Terry Fallis: The Best Laid Plans and The High Road (coming in September 2010) (January 20, 2010)
  • June Hutton: Underground (January 6, 2010)
  • Thomas Trofimuk: The 52nd Poem, Doubting Yourself to the BoneandWaiting for Columbus (December 16, 2009)
  • Gina Buonaguro & Janice Kirk: Ciao Bella and The Sidewalk Artist(December 9, 2009),
  • Don LePan: Animals (December 2, 2009)
  • Deborah Willis: Vanishing and Other Stories (GG Finalist) (November 19, 2009)
  • In particular, I have to recognize Deborah Willis whose book, Vanishing and Other Stories, was nominated for the Governor General’s Literary Prize. Ms. Willis was the first author to take a chance on an interview with me, and for this I remain quite grateful. I want to thank Hilary McMahon and John Pearce of the Westwood Creative Artists for putting me in contact with Don LePan, Gina Buonaguro & Janice Kirk, Thomas Trofimuk and John Bemrose — this just goes to show the value a great agent can add to building a writer’s profile.

    I should also mention Joy Fielding who expressed interest in my writing and who helped me refine my idea of developing substantive content for this blog (when I met Ms. Fielding, my idea was to post notes of author talks and presentations … over time, this morphed into the author interviews).  And of course, there’s Terry Fallis, author of The Best Laid Plans and The High Road whose mentorship you know all about.

    After Karen Connelly‘s interview, there will be a surprise interview in August 2010 (no advance warning, no idea who it is … might not even be an author … it could be anyone — maybe even one of you?). Other interviews will follow in the fall but on a less regular schedule than last year — the bi-weekly schedule was manageable when I was not actively writing a novel. As I anticipate that I will still be working on Novel #2 in the fall of 2010, I am planning a lighter interview load for the 2010-2011 series.

    And now, you — my cherished, but curiously silent, blog readers — thank you! You’ve stuck with me even though I haven’t done an interview in a while and I hope that means you are here because of an interest in my own writing and not just that of the many talented authors I interview. So thanks for that! I can’t wait for you to read my novels whenever they are published.

    In the meantime, anyone who donates to my Charity Water campaign will have a chance to read the first chapter of Novel #2 … or one of my many revisions of The 29th Day (if you’d like to weigh in on what I should to to fix it up). Just make a note of that when you donate and I will get in touch with you.

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