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Emily Saso Gets a Book Deal!


This is the headline I’ve been wanting to write for a long, long time. Congratulations to you Emily Saso. We await details. And in other news, the final farewell to Descant is on Wed March 25, 2015 (an event that I am still in denial about but Descant is definitely closing doors). Toronto author and friend Lisa deNikolits […]

Hi again after a long (and largely unintended) hiatus


After months of viral attacks and malware alerts and de-bugging and unanswered emails to tech support at the company that hosts my various websites, my blog is finally live again. I missed it. I had thought my novel writing could continue without the blog, and that in fact I might have more time for “serious […]

20th Anniversary Beach Studio Tour: Artist Profiles on Rachel Taggart and Gil Aysegul Birol


In celebration of twenty years of fine local art,  The Beach Studio Tour, is once again inviting visitors into the hidden hubs of creativity. Showcased in Beach homes, visitors to the tour enjoy browsing both modest works of art, such as prints and photo cards, and those of grand scale, such as massive canvases or […]

Battling for the Brains of Readers


“Can I read and skate?” My older son recently asked me. This was the exact same kind of question that I asked my parents, and I don’t think they said no–how could they? I was a child prone to fits of temper, and wild flights of fancy. I remember reading while walking, eating, fishing, while […]

Invitation: Launch of Descant #162: Masala Issue on Wed October 16, 2013


I am writing to invite you my very first launch party!  It is for a piece that appears in Fall 2013 issue D:162 Masala of Descant Magazine, which I have also been invited to read at the launch on October 16th. The event is at No One Writes to the Colonel at 460 College St. (at Bathurst) […]

Should you let your child use electronics? Join the debate started in the Fall 2013 issue of Brain, Child Magazine


The fall 2013 issue of Brain, Child Magazine is now out and it looks gorgeous. It features a new design and features, and includes a debate piece I wrote this summer on whether you should let your children use electronics. This is a huge honour as it is technically my first official publication to hit […]

Culture in Toronto and Nature Nearby


Toronto is eclectic and a fantastic incubator for culture and creativity, and I feel fortunate to live here and be able to generate my own original work from the varied inspirations around me. If you have thoughts on the connections between Toronto and culture, check out the details of a consultation on the topic of […]

The Ticker by Dori Renner


This 750 words of short fiction is worth reading. Enjoy!

Annie Dillard: The Writing Life


The Writing Life by Annie Dillard is a thought-provoking book for anyone exploring the craft of writing or anyone fascinated by the act of writing. In my research on one of my various books in progress, I came across the quote below on page 11 of The Writing Life, which sums up why I like to […]

Books, Websites and Knitted Creations


All is good on the writing front. I am very busy having fun writing and making good progress on my fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, and I will post details later as you may have an interest in contributing and I’d love to interview any of my blog readers who are interested in participating (particularly the […]

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